About Us

Portraits drawn by INYBB workshop participants at HMPYOI Feltham

Wendy Smithers

Portraits drawn by INYBB workshop participants at HMPYOI Feltham

Wendy founded INYBB in 2015 because of her love of letters and in response to seeing increasing social isolation and 'othering' of individuals and groups in society. Wendy hopes that INYBB can serve as an antidote to the many labels we put on people and let the individuals behind the labels be heard in a way that allows them to share what is useful and helpful to them through creativity. She is passionate about everyone having access to creative opportunities and this influences the types of projects she leads and champions. As well as leading INYBB, she works as a creative producer and fundraiser for a range of arts and heritage projects, organisations and artists. Previously Wendy worked in a range of production and fundraising roles at The Hub, the Barbican and Classic FM. She was a founding Trustee of the inspirational Ministry of Stories, a children’s writing charity in East London and is currently a Trustee of The R C Sherriff Trust. She’d love to receive a letter from Roald Dahl but given this is unlikely would settle for one from Matilda. 

Erika Flowers

Erika is an exhibited artist and illustrator with lived experience of the Criminal Justice System. She has an extensive body of work including ‘Postcards from Prison’, a series of daily diary drawings that constitute a living record of her journey through incarceration. She has worked extensively with The Koestler Trust and exhibited frequently at their annual South Bank Exhibition. Erika is also an elected member of the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance Steering Group and participates in the Prisoners Education Trust Alumni Advisory Group.
Erika is passionate about encouraging people to explore their artistic side, even those who feel they don’t have one! She believes that the process of creating images can be not only therapeutic, but can help anyone with their self-esteem, confidence and communication. She has a love of Science, the universe and the natural environment and would love to receive a letter from David Attenborough and Brian Cox, appreciating that this collaboration may be difficult she would settle for a doodle from each!!

www.recordedinart.com and invite to follow the postcards on Facebook @postcards from Prison or Instagram @postcardsfromprisondiary

Nicole Cowan

Nicole Cowan is a freelance Illustrator who enjoys documenting people around her. Within her illustration work she is interested in social commentary and experiments with the use of shape and limited colour palettes. She works with INYBB in Visual Arts workshops at HMPYOI Feltham and has also co-facilitated creative workshops with young care leavers and refugees. She believes that everybody should have a vehicle through which they can express creativity, gain confidence and be able to communicate and express themselves. Nicole also works as a graduate tutor at the University for the Creative Arts and won a D&AD New Blood Pencil in 2016. She’d love to receive a letter from Stacey Dooley!