Feltham YOI - Introduction to It's Not Your Birthday But...

Welcome to our second It’s Not Your Birthday But… (INYBB) publication. INYBB was set up in 2016 as a pilot initiative to see if there was an appetite for more communication through the written word. In this digital age where a lot of communication is seen and shared on a mass scale, is there still a place for handwritten letters, unexpected cards, postcards and messages by post? The response has been an overwhelming yes and the project has gone from strength to strength. 

We work in a range of community settings from care homes to schools, hospitals to hospices, prisons to wellbeing groups. We place artists in each setting to inspire others to share what’s important or helpful to them through words and artworks. We aim to ensure everyone we work with is given a platform to be well and truly heard in the wider community. We join up different parts of a community who would not otherwise meet. We hope this leads to greater understanding, empathy and continued engagement between people or groups who may otherwise walk past each other on the street or assume they have nothing in common.

At a time when human beings are tweeting, refreshing, scrolling, uploading and searching for connection and engagement through digital devices more than ever before, we celebrate the power of the written word to truly connect people in meaningful and positive ways, open doors and challenge assumptions. Whatever we’re searching for on our devices (connection, acceptance, attention?)  we don’t always find it. Some words, a letter or a small act of kindness can sometimes be a much better way to understand others and connect with them.