Feltham YOI - 'Dear Mum' letter from participant

Dear Mum

I’m thankful for all the time and days you put in with me, you were there to support me through thick and thin, no matter what it was. You understood me when I’d explain a situation and you’d listen to it. 

I’m very sorry for the way I was. Sometimes I can be the good baby boy you still loved and sometimes a devil in disguise. I wanted to change for you but the way I was going I needed time for myself in all honesty.

After you went to heaven, I realised how much I have done wrong towards you, I realised I’m nothing without you, but you made me the man I am today, gave me a wake-up call you could say.

Dad’s doing a great job, feeding the kids, taking them to school and when he has a chance he’ll take them out. My brothers and sisters, your children, love you very much and will always remember you no matter what.

I hope you love red roses and white roses. I’ve placed a dozen of both on your grave. Hopefully I will get to see you soon.

Love your son