It's not your birthday but...

Ever received a handwritten letter you weren't expecting? Feels good doesn't it? Join us and send a unique letter or postcard today and tell us about it.

About the project

It’s Not Your Birthday But... is a cheerleader for letters and encourages people to communicate through writing, reading and sending letters, cards and postcards. Why wait for someone's birthday to let them know they are loved or appreciated? In this digital world where everyone sees and shares everything, we're all for bespoke messages for individuals and for championing the mighty pen and the good it can bring to people in your town or on the other side of the world.

As well as encouraging everyone to write through our events and online, you can find us working in a range of settings where people may be vulnerable, isolated or lonely to help them connect with someone through handmade cards, postcards, poems, drawings or letters. We've worked in schools and hospitals, hospices and refuges, care homes and arts centres and love meeting all the inspiring people we work with.

To get involved follow us on facebook or twitter or contact us using the details below. If you love letter writing you can join our able band of volunteers as we always have a need for more letter writers. You can also find out about live events and programmes and get inspiration for writing your own letters and join us for some postal adventures. Happy letter writing!


If you would like to get in touch please or even better, send us a postcard.

The Old Bank House,
26 Station Approach,
Hinchley Wood,
Surrey, KT10 0SR

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